Why don't companies consider freelance work as proper "work experience"?

 For example, I've been freelance programming for more than 5 years for different companies. When covid hit the amount of work I get decreased so I decided to join a company to earn a stable salary. During several interviews, they all offered only entry positions cause I'm somehow inexperienced ignoring my 5+ years of working with big companies since I never properly "joined a company".


They just want to pay you as little as possible. This is an easy excuse to keep your salary lower.

It's a tough thing to get by, and honestly, I'm not exactly sure how to do it. But you should likely be very thoughtful about how you write and talk about your experience. Make sure you are presenting it in a way that conveys your expertise - prove to them that you actually are capable of a more senior role.

If you are able, I'd use language that speaks to your ability to integrate into a team or work cooperatively with other teams. Talk about how you work with other developers, IT, business teams, project managers, etc - things that show you've done the real deal and know implementation lifecycles, not just ran around programming things by yourself.

You should also discuss adherence to the coding standards of organizations you've worked with. Let them know that your code has met the approval of others, not just yourself.

If you've worked in Agile environments or anything like that, it would also be valuable. Again, shows you can work with large organizations.

Long story short - don't sell yourself as a freelance, state you have 5yrs, and assume they will take your word for it. Sell yourself as an experienced developer and then push for an appropriate position in your discussions.

Of course, this all assumes that you do actually know what you're doing. Be self-critical as well. Are you coming across as experienced in these interviews, or are you coming across as entry-level and they are putting you there for a reason.

Best of luck getting through it. The right organization will hopefully see your capability.

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