Why does every career seem like a bad choice to pursue?

 I'm 23 years old and have no idea what to do for a living. I'm gonna graduate college next year, and have been looking into graduate school

However, every single time I find something I might enjoy doing, I see an overwhelming amount of people saying that X career is the worst career ever and everyone should avoid it at all costs unless they want their life to be absolutely miserable

For instance, I considered going to law school first. But everywhere I look I see people saying that law school is a bad choice because it's only worth it if you get into big law because you get paid very little otherwise. But even then Big Law is horrible because of all the stress and work hours, according to them

I then thought of going into pharmacy school, but apparently finding a job as a pharmacist is hard because the job market is bad and it's only gonna get worse. I then considered PA school or Dental School, but those schools are harder to get into than Med School

And it's the same for everything I look into. Apparently, there's not a single good career out there. Every single career in existence should be avoided at all costs according to people in those professions. Or you'll never find a job in X career cause the market is too saturated. Or X career is good but you'll only get paid 20k a year, and you need 5 years experience for an entry-level job

Does anyone else experience this?


Because people who have awesome careers won't comment on Reddit. They are enjoying their life, family, and money. Basically, every negative comment about a particular occupation comes from a person who didn't make it far or someone who just isn't the best in their field. So they rant on Reddit. Don't try to look for a career that is in huge demand. The economy is cyclical in nature.

But try to make yourself versatile enough.

 would generally caution anyone to go to graduate school immediately after undergrad if they’re not pretty certain about their decision and the career paths that a program may (or may not) open. I think a lot of schools intend to do right by their students and set them up for success, but the reality for graduate programs outside of in-demand fields is that the ROI is often not there.

Researching careers in a given field helped me to make the career choices I made. When I was considering grad school, I also did a ton of informational interviews with admissions people and students from the programs I was interested in. Gathering information can help you understand what direction you want to go and informational interviews are a way to make connections that can help steer you. I did end up applying to grad school, but I had 9 years of work experience before going back.

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