What places are still hiring new grads?

 I've applied to just about every big company I could think of and I've been rejected. Most places I look at now just don't have any new grad positions to apply to that are still open. I've applied to 300+ places and graduated in May. In the few interviews, I've gotten they either didn't like that I didn't get a return offer for my internship, or they didn't think I was experienced enough, and a couple I didn't pass their tech interview because I didn't solve the coding problem fast enough even though I got an optimal solution. It feels like there's nothing that can be done to get a job, I've gotten referrals at several companies, I've gotten my resume reviewed by people in tech and I have multiple software internships and multiple projects on my resume and experience from multiple technical clubs at my school, and I graduated from a big school with a good GPA. Basically, I have no idea what else I can do at this point. Any help would be appreciated.


Three tips:

  1. Apply to small companies.

Companies with 20-100 employees are brilliant for graduate jobs.

The downside is that they are harder to find and apply to, and they also can have very variable internal practices. It can be a very very good place to be or vice versa, whilst larger places are middling.

The upside is that nobody sends in their resume to these places. It's actually shocking, if an F500 company posts a junior SWE job, 100 applications.

Small Business (without a significant student-facing brand) advertising a 0 yoe role?

They'll get 10 applications, of whom 3 pass Fizz Buzz, unless they get a recruiter.

2) Use every single resume review service via this subreddit, discords, friends, the family you can.

The vast majority of students and young engineers have appalling resumes.

It's just a natural thing, resumes are serious business.

The expectations of employers are set by grown adults who devote a vast amount of time and effort polishing theirs.

Get yours reviewed.

3) Learn to write. Your use of paragraphs in the OP is awful.

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