What is some advice for finding a job with good work place culture?


I have worked in retail and healthcare for most of my life. I decided to go off to school and finish my bachelor's at a late age (finishing at 29) and wasn't able to find a career that interested me while in college. The issue that I am running into is finding careers or places to work with the positive work culture. In the positions I have had I've just wanted to come into work and get the job done. I don't mind working hard I get that I have a job to do.

But unfortunately, it feels like in most positions I work people are always so negative towards the job and towards one another and when I attempt to distance myself from them I am seen as a weirdo or "not a team player." Gossip and drama just ruin the workplace for me. How do you guys go about handling this? I am still currently looking for a field that I'm interested in.

I am studying to get my certificate in sleep technology only because I deal with so few people during a shift. But as I've recently found out through shadowing the same sort of culture exists in a lot of places. I've also considered starting a business something that I might be able to do on my own. I realize this won't stop me from interacting with negative people but at least I'd have control over my own interactions to some degree.

What do you guys think?


Here’s the thing; you can try looking at review sites (but they aren’t always accurate because companies pay to take down negative reviews), you can contact people on LinkedIn that used to work there and see what they thought of the place (but they may ignore you). You might even get recommendations from people you know, but their experience at the company will not be your experience. A lot of this is trial and error unfortunately and a lot of the culture you need to glean from the interview process. Ask for a site visit if the interview doesn’t happen at the job site. Ask that you would like to meet the team you would be working with. Ask to take a tour to see what the place is like. A lot of factors can create good/negative environments. Try to find out how much on average people there make, what are the benefits. If people there aren’t being treated well by the company the place will probably be negative.

  1. Figure what makes good workplace culture.

  2. Ask current employees and past if you can find them, about the workplace culture during the job hunting phase.

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