Unhealthy lifestyle is more productive?

Hey, so I am a CSharp Developer in the Seattle area working on some neat VR implementations.

The premise is this, I smoke weed, order Chinese food, eat a bunch of candy (gummy candy is my favorite) & drink 5 cans of Redbull & watch me crank out loads of code & hit all of my quotas. In other words ungodly productivity and coding output. Aside from the food coma, I get it later that night. But the next morning I wake up and do the same thing I get the same results. Great production and output of code that needs to be written.

Now, I get into these moods where I am sick of that lifestyle so I make myself a great wholesome breakfast. Drink a nice cup of coffee made in my Braun Coffee Maker, & go to the gym and exercise in the morning. After doing all of that and sitting down to code ... nothing. I can't get anything done! My motivation to write practically goes to 0 and I feel like doing other stuff the whole day.

It's the complete opposite of what you would expect. What can I do to help this? Am I doing something wrong or can anyone else relate? I want to be healthy and live an active lifestyle but it's like my body is doing the opposite of what I want it to do. Is it the sugar? IDK what it is but its pissing me off & I need some help

TLDR: Chinese Food + Candy + Weed = Productivity Machine,

Exercise + Balanced Diet + No Drugs/Alcohol = "Don't really feel like coding"


DISCLAIMER: I am of average weight and by no means overweight or even underweight



I don’t know what’s in your ‘wholesome breakfast’ but either way, it’s a matter of short run vs long run habits as mentioned by other people. Eating healthy and going to the gym will initially be a very calorie deficit move compared to what you were used to, which means that you’re gonna experience an energy crash at first.

What I’d do is take baby steps. Don’t start with immediately trying to healthify yourself. Eat some simple breakfast, just walk around your apartment instead of going all out in the gym. Order the healthier Chinese American food like Kung Pao Chicken instead of General Tso's and choose the brown rice option if they have it. Cut back on the candy 10% a week. You’d be surprised where maintaining smaller changes over the course of a year gets you.

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