Tips for firing someone for the first time?

 This situation is particularly challenging. An employee I’ve worked with for 12 years and managed for 2, has not proven to be an effective worker despite me going to bat for them repeatedly. I am hoping some of you can provide any tips or guidance for me since this is my first time doing something like this.


All I can say is that is it perfectly clear to the employee that if he doesn't improve he will be fired? Since he has been there for 12 years how was his performance before? What changed that he needed to be managed out? Since you didn't provide much information about this person I am guessing he thinks that he has been there for a long time therefore the chances of him getting fired is small?

Your story reminded me of my mom. Like you, she worked with a woman for 10+ years, starting from the late 80s (when computers and the internet weren't that prolific) to the early 2000s when their company decided to go paperless. Her coworker couldn't cope with technology so she was let go.

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