The catch-22 of being unemployed and searching for work


At least for me. There's no structure imposed on my life right now. I'm currently living with my parents and so don't feel much responsibility to earn money to keep myself alive either.

So I end up being depressed and apathetic, ruining my sleep schedule, watching useless YouTube videos all day, and only managing to apply to a couple jobs during the day, don't write cover letters, find it difficult to work on my technical coding skills (I have a CS degree).

I probably only work on anything related to my job search for 1-2 hours a day and I find it very difficult to put in more time than that when I don't have any formal responsibility.

But then of course the less work you put into the job search, the longer you are unemployed and the more apathetic you become.

Has anyone experienced this?


I was unemployed for several months but had saved enough to live for a year. Was also moving to another state so I lived in hotels and smoked a lot of weed for a month. It was fun, but also lonely being on the road with no job living like a fugitive.

It was about 4 months of being unemployed and renting a room off Craigslist on the cheap before I got temp work and a couple months later, a full-time low-level position. Not wanting to be homeless gave me enough motivation to take any job that was offered.

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