Switch of thoughts from owning a business to getting into a job


People indeed have differences in opinion when it comes to opting for a job or becoming an entrepreneur. Many love doing business as it gives a sense of satisfaction in negotiating better deals, brings happiness of being one’s own boss and the dignified feeling owing to witness one’s own success in providing job opportunities to the surrounding people. Even if it is small profits, still it gives utmost gratification to the one who performs all the functions and undertakes the business. The idea of being independent, owning things, dreaming big, being professional made me fall to start my own company as I was a kid.

There was a guide- my father who explained to me that reality is different from what you study. Theory and applications on practical life are not going to be the same considering the below factors:
•Risk is involved,
•Sticking to the same routine in the same company is significant,
•No assurance for profits or losses; meaning bearing uncertainty,
•Patience in putting more effort to establish the business.

I do not easily believe someone's words, rather I'll go with my intention if I find my path is right. So I did not lose confidence hearing the above statements. Thinking about the choices of doing a business and working in a job; I thought of being self-employed and working in a company during my undergraduatation; subject to my level, I chose to organize book reviews and do an internship at the same time.

Let me take two instances in my life. By organizing book reviews and doing freelance work, I felt the difficulty in:
• Constantly reminding the reviewers,
• Dealing with the removal of links,
• Blocking of their accounts,
• Maintaining a record of data and
• Being answerable to the client.

These issues concerning review links getting from bulk reviewers favored me to gain pleasant and unwelcome experience, I controlled my annoyance and learned to be patient and responsible to answering the client's requirements. Also, the polite way of communication was a key for me to get things done through others which led me to earn profits and recommendations.

Coming to my working experience, I got an opportunity to get into GREedge and Siam computing during the second year of my bachelor's in business administration. The systematic way of processing the payment, occasion bonus, and variable pay impressed me to work better. That gave me a feeling of being self-reliant. Also, the weekly meetings to check our understanding and the director inculcating knowledge in work allowed me to explore more.

By considering business and being an employee, I choose to work in an organization as I could derive more advantages in the job. Also, being patient to get returns in business is not my cup of coffee which makes me frustrated, and being committed to big responsibilities usually pressures my mind. Hence, in my opinion, working in an organization reduces headaches and lets me enjoy life by investing in mutual funds.

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