People who "use" git but don't *use* git are the worst


My coworkers "use" git. For example

  1. commenting out 100 lines of code; copy-pasting below with 2 insertions/deletions

  2. making new files or even whole new directories, suffixed by "_new", "_test", "_old", "_copy", etc.

Not only that, but none of this shit ever gets deleted. Our whole work repo could be reduced to 1/5th the amount of LoC if people actually understood the point of git. Also, wtf is with people writing "update" as their commit message and not documenting anything?

I'm entry-level and I assume my team works in isolation a lot more than other companies which are likely why it's such a problem. I'm not looking for perfection, I just want to be able to collaborate. Do you find your coworkers neglecting git?


Code reviews. If it's seniors doing this I'd try to educate them (but I'm a senior myself) and find a new job if they want to keep working like cavemen.

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