My team just announced everyone is expected to return to the office by Dec 1st, except I live 6 hours away.

 I finally managed to snag my first job as a junior developer since graduating in June. I joined at the end of September, and I am pretty happy. The role was advertised as being remote-friendly and during the interview, I explained how I have no plans to relocate and explicitly mentioned that. They were fine with that and told me that the engineering team was sticking to being remote focused and that if the office did re-open then I can just keep working remotely.

Well, today that same person told our entire team that the entire engineering staff is expected to return to the office by Dec 1st. When I brought up what he told me during the interview he said I misheard and that there was always a plan to return to the office.

From what I can tell most of our team is very happy to return to the office, only me and another person are truly remote.

I explained to my boss how I cannot move since I just signed a lease a week ago with my fiancée and my fiancée needs to stay here for her job. He told me that it was mandatory, and he cannot help me.

Am I just screwed here?


Yep, you're screwed. Unless your employment letter specifically states that you're a remote employee, you can be asked to be in person. Now, does it reflect poorly on the company (and the said person who said you can be remote, and now expects you to come in)? Sure. Is that going to make a difference? Not really, especially not as you're a junior dev.

On the bright side, there's a growing number of companies switching to fully remote work (even if they otherwise have an office), so changing jobs and remaining remote (or at your current location) shouldn't be terribly difficult to achieve.

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