My new kitten meowed throughout my interviews. Is this opportunity now doomed?

 I got a new kitten and she demands attention all the time and I live alone so so one can entertain her. So I put her in a bathroom but the meowing was still loud.

I had to give a 45min presentation and the whole time you could hear meow every second.

Then for the interview portion, I attempted to let her out to stop the meows, and she kept playing with things loudly like at one point all you could hear was a loud bag crinkling.

I apologized and they said they said they found it funny and that they didn’t mind. But I’m worried. Is it ruined?



Doubtful. If big if, it is considered against you then who wants to work for a company like that. They said it was funny and didn't mind. I'd go with that and not sweat it.

I take into consideration things like that when I know I am doing virtual interviews. Sometimes kittens gonna be kittens. If it were me giving your interview, I would not take that into consideration. I would, however, think it was hilarious and adorable, and would have probably asked if the kitten can be on camera for a few minutes.

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