My HR department found my Indeed profile

 So a few weeks back I posted here asking for advice on how to handle a situation where my HR department found my updated Indeed profile and started asking questions. A few people asked for an update post so here goes!

HR set up a call with me and my manager the next week. Here I was expecting an attempt to retain me, but what I got was essentially a middle finger. They were confident that my compensation and benefits were competitive. No negotiation whatsoever. I was shocked.

...but because of the incredible outpouring of advice from this sub, I remained determined and kept hunting. Today I accepted a job for a $42k raise, unlimited PTO, and no on-call responsibilities. I start 12/13.

Just wanted to thank everyone here for the encouragement to keep going and get what I deserve. This is a life-changing event for me and this sub was the reason I kept going. I'm finally going to be able to afford to travel and get my pilot's license, and I'll actually have the time off to do it. Thank you so much. You have no idea how happy and grateful I am. ❤️



After you have spent a few months getting comfortable and settled at the new job, please, if you are able, post a review on the old company on the job-hunting websites. Warn the next you. Don't let others be taken advantage of in the same way. Unity. Best of luck!

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