Micro-Communities for Digital Nomads

 Inspired by living in different countries and the people we met, my friend Keith and I imagined being able to message a group of people hours before we landed in a new city like Buenos Aires, to see who would want to grab dinner and drinks with us. VoilĂ , NomadTribe was born!

With NomadTribe you join the micro-community in your location (i.e. Bangkok, Tulum, Buenos Aires, etc.) It’s like being in a WhatsApp group but with multiple advantages:

✔️Trust & Safety — Members display their real first name and a real profile picture which gives more authenticity than WhatsApp and is more reassuring ahead of real-life meetups. It also prevents random people from accessing your phone number and spamming. Our technology enables more vigilant moderation and for us to expel any bad actors who violate our community standards from the entire network.

✔️Channels — Keeping up to date with 200 messages in a Whatsapp group on multiple different topics is exhausting. Discord channels help you find what’s relevant and not get distracted/fatigued!

✔️Shared Interests — In our customer research, some nomads expressed an interest to connect with people not just based on hobbies like sports, but topics of interest like entrepreneurship or sustainability. We are excited to help nomads share knowledge and collaborate on new initiatives!

✔️Welcome New Members — Current members can see info about a new member (hobbies & interests and a fun fact about them) and welcome them to the community.

✔️Accessibility — WhatsApp groups can be hard to find, either you need to ask for them in a Facebook group or get invited by somebody you meet in your new city. With NomadTribe, users can instantly find the micro-community in their new city and change to a new one when they move again!

What does success look like for NomadTribe?

Recently, a nomad asked us a great question; what would success look like to us? Our answer is:

Product Love: For 40% of users to respond that they ‘would be very disappointed if NomadTribe shut down’ when surveyed. This is a benchmark for product-market fit.

Global Scale: 10,000 Monthly Active Users across 100+ locations.

How will NomadTribe make money? And how will we reward early members?

Our core business belief is that early adopters / active users should be rewarded for creating value in our network. We are currently exploring the best ways to do this and would love community member feedback. Right now we propose:

The first couple of thousand users who are active receive a free membership token. Members can choose to sell their membership tokens(NFTs) if they wish (especially useful if people stop being digital nomads and settle down).

After that point, we will monetize either via selling tokens or via a % commission on each resale via smart contracts. We will decide this with input from our community members.

Cool! How do I get more info?

To reach out with questions, email me at paddy@nomadtribe.io or book a call with me here https://calendly.com/paddy-95/25min

You can also catch me on Twitter and DM or tweet me @paddy_ogrady

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