Looking for advice on what kind of job I could get.

 Hoping this is the right sub to ask this but I'm struggling to try to find a job. I would like to pursue something I.T. or cybersex related not only because it is mostly remote but I also find it very interesting (although I have no related experience or certifications) but the big problem I'm coming across is my girlfriend works retail and I drive her to work 4 to 5 times a week and on top of that she has a wild retail schedule working anywhere from 5:30-11am to 11-7pm. With that being the case I am hoping someone can offer me some advice on what sort of job I can pursue that I could do while still being able to get her to and from work. I know it's a pipe dream but I would really prefer remote.

The only job experience I've had are food service, retail, and warehouse any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Lots of remote jobs - both freelance and full-time - allow for flexible hours, allowing you to work and take breaks as you please, as long as you deliver on deadlines.

Identify a common problem for businesses and a quick way for you to solve it - then push that product at a low entry price.

They'll start asking if you can do other stuff - then you pick and choose amongst those and start charging a higher rate.

Good luck!

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