Just started a new job and want to quit


I’m just looking for some advice, I’m on the second day of the new job and I honestly just do not like it at all, and I’ve already broken down crying in the bathroom.. idk what to do. I’m just unhappy and I’m kinda mad at myself for quitting my previous job for this one, as compared to this I liked my previous one more.

Edit: I just want to edit it to say a few things because I received a lot of the same questions. My other job wasn’t ‘bad, I actually liked what I was doing, the problem was the low pay, crappy hours, and the fact that I had tried to work up to a higher level but was always shot down, so basically it was a dead-end job. I had been applying for over half a year in hopes to find something better, and finally got this job offer and was excited. It's higher pay, better hours, and a career field that is related to my degree.

I’m now thinking the problem I’m having is that I’m just overwhelmed, especially since on paper it's a great opportunity, but after my 2nd day I have been overloaded with bad vibes. For example, while training with various people, they all made a comment of “oh I’m glad that they hired you to have you do this because this stresses me out and I hate it, oh but don’t worry you’ll do fine”, which isn’t something I would like to hear.. and it’s also very unorganized. From what I can tell already, different departments refuse to help each other out.

Also, some of the tasks I’m asked to do are out of my knowledge, using programs I haven’t used before it. And it's hard for me to speak up and ask questions or to repeat instructions because I’m chronically introverted lol, which I know I need to work on.

But from all your comments, I’m going to stick it out longer and see if I can adjust.


You’re the one that knows all the variables, so only you can really know what is best for you.

I will relay my experience in case it helps:

One summer in between semesters of college I worked as a paid intern, digitizing old records. The woman in charge of me - and thus the project - for some reason was adamantly opposed to the project. From the get-go, she tried to get me fired, to stop the project. I didn’t care, it got under my skin some but it was pretty normal middle school style bitchiness. I lasted the entire summer before I had to quit for the fall semester.

The next summer I moved back home with my parents to a small town of 3,000. About the only place hiring was the Sonic in town. They’d had a help wanted signs for a while, but I didn’t know how long that sign had been up. I lasted 4 days before I said f*** that. The manager was screaming at us across the kitchen, my undiagnosed ADHD butt with auditory processing issues and horrible working memory was put on the… it’s not drive-through, but it’s still taking orders through a crummy mic and trying to listen through the cacophony around me.

What’s interesting is because I wasn’t there long enough to complain to my parents repeatedly about the horrible work environment- they kept saying I should have kept working at sonic, but I had vented about the bitch at the intern position enough that my parents said I should have quit that job.

If it’s completely intolerable you’ll know. If it just sucks and you have other issues making things worse it might be worth trying to pull through while looking for another job.

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