Jobs for the more "unmotivated" devs out there


I do my best to stay off this subreddit and sites like Blind because I feel completely disconnected from the majority of developers here.

Here's the thing -- I want to do everything I can to minimize the amount of time I have to spend stressed out staring at some bullshit on a screen from 9-5/5 days a week. It's crazy to me that we just accept this amount of work as the default considering how limited our lifespans really are.

Anyway, I'm job hunting and every fucking listing I see is looking for HIGHLY MOTIVATED, PASSIONATE, CLEVER developers who want tons of responsibility, ownership, and fast-paced environments. I don't want any of this. I don't need some stupid high elite developer salary. I don't want to rise the ranks and become a manager or whatever. I seriously want a simple life; get some remote land near the coast with access to decent surfing, have some dogs/cats, play video games, and make music. I don't want kids, I don't want some fancy lifestyle, I don't want to live in constant stress for the sake of money.

Anyone out there like me who found a way to make this kind of a life a reality in our industry? FWIW I have a CS B.S. from a good university, and ~1.5 years at a software company; I'm mostly looking at more frontend web dev roles at the moment.

--edit-- I realize the whole "living near good surf in a remote area with a flexible job" is probably the standard, naive tech bro dream here...but seriously, it's what I want. I currently live in Southern California, and I can't see myself here long-term. It's crowded, expensive, and too fast-paced for me.


While I am highly motivated to "climb through the ranks" and be financially well-off, I completely get what you're saying. It's pretty dumb that to live comfortably you need to drain 5 days of every week of your life except 10-20 days a year. I really do wish we collectively reached a healthier understanding when it comes to how much time and effort "full-time" jobs should take up. We really could have just as well had 3-4 day work weeks and been a pretty productive (and much healthier) society

The easiest way is probably to work in Tech for a non-Tech company. The bigger and older the better. Think banks.

Honestly, grinding for 2-3 years pays insane dividends. Not only do mid-level jobs tend to be way less intense, but it helps to anchor your salary and brush off lowball offers.

Aside from startups and certain FAANGs, salary and WLB aren't really well correlated in Tech.

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