Job rejection after job rejection- does it ever end?

 I mean seriously? All I hear is that jobs are so easy to find. But that’s not been the case for well-paying favorable jobs. Quite the opposite.

A little backstory into my experience: I have a bachelor's in education, taught for 3 years, and then became a tech coach for a company, working alongside admin and teachers. I’m applying to jobs such as customer success, onboarding specialist, LMS administrator, implementation specialists, or anything along those lines.

I’ve spent the past 3-4 months very seriously applying to job after job in hopes of better pay and working remotely. I easily apply to 40-50 jobs a week. I've gotten the generic rejection letter sent, from what I assume was determined by an automated system. I've gotten zero responses from many but the ones that hurt the most are the ones where I get past the initial interview and give up hours of my evenings to interview with them, the interview goes so good and then days later I receive a rejection letter. And trust me, I am my own worst critic(I was a teacher after all) so I feel like I have a pretty good gauge on when an interview isn’t great or mediocre. Some have been but a handful really has not been. I’m starting to feel like I’ll never actually get a job with even the small things I’m asking for. Remote and more pay(which is truly just what I would consider being enough to live and save a little, nothing wild by any means). Any and all advice is welcome! I'm so defeated and exhausted with the feeling that even my absolute best didn’t measure up. Any helpful tips/ tricks to land more interviews, a job, or even mindsets to help cope? Any places other than indeed and LinkedIn to find remote work because the competition is clearly massive there.


You need to connect with real people and not do generic online job applications. Trust me from standing in the shoes of a hiring manager we get tons of applications— hundreds. So the best bet is a personal referral and Networking. Also, prep for interviews so you are ready to go. If you need more detailed support I’m sure happy to help just DM me maybe I can find you a person in the field you’re looking to help you.

You're definitely doing it wrong if you're applying to 40-50 jobs a week. People who can apply to that many jobs are usually applying to jobs that don't match with their work experience/background.

You should be realistic about your work experience and apply for jobs that are a very good fit in terms of your previous experience.

Also, if you never advance beyond the first interview, then something is also going wrong with the interviews. From what you say, I'd guess they're asking you about salary expectations and you're saying a number/range that is higher than they want to pay. Sounds like you might need to be more realistic about the pay that is typical for the kinds of jobs you want.

That's all I can say, based on the info you provided.

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