I've had a really hard time finding a job. I feel like my skillset is something a lot of places need, but don't directly hire for. Maybe I'm just not using the right job title. Can you review my situation and give some advice?

 Skills: Graphic design, illustration, video editing, voiceovers, animation, print design, product design, app design (Not app development). I also have had to experience in Linux and Raspberry Pi dev stuff, CNC file prep, vinyl printing, and project management. I'm the sort of guy you hire to handle all your content creation, and I just sort of look for cracks in the company to fill. That's where a lot of the oddball skills come from. I feel like the content creator is the most accurate, but no one is really hiring for directly that, even though that's likely what they actually need.

Where I'm at: I've thought if I could just find some sort of repository of small tech startups, I could find a business owner that jives with what I do, but no dice. I'm kind of stuck with just job postings. I'm currently just doing some freelance work and working at a gas station to make ends meet.

What I'm looking for: I'm hoping you guys can provide me with some resources so that I can get in contact with more tech start-ups or similar things. Illustrating for books or T-shirts, producing videos for ad agencies, product design for beauty products; there's a lot of things I can do, I'm just having a hard time finding the people that need me. However, any and all advice would be appreciated.

Edit: Forgot a few oddball skills: Instructional videos and print, patent drawing, and I've got a tiny bit of web design experience but only with stuff like Squarespace.


You could get your foot in the door in higher education. Smaller schools with marketing teams tend to have very high needs for "jack of all trades" with graphic design, video, print, etc. Most of the positions won't be marketed as it, but if you apply then you'll shine a bit and have the opportunity to take on more work outside of the standard job description. Then you can leverage that into different industries. You can also climb to a Director of Marketing position pretty fast if you have the skills. Once you have that title, then you have way more opportunity to get out of higher ed and back into corp/startups.

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