I'm a social media manager who doesn't use social media for personal use - How do I word this professionally in an interview?

Aside from Reddit, I do not like or use social media for personal use. I use it to keep up with trends and follow industry professionals, but I don't post or have much going on there for a multitude of reasons (privacy, vanity, the people that matter has my number, etc). I do very much enjoy working on it for other people and companies though.

I had an interview a couple of weeks ago and the CEO was displeased that I don't have personal social media accounts or a LinkedIn, despite showing a rich portfolio showcasing my work and skill.

I have another interview coming up and I'm looking for ways on how to professionally answer this question if it comes up again. Any ideas?


Maybe something to do with wanting to keep your business and personal life separate as hard as that is in your field.

That you are good at what you do, have a passion for it, but are able to keep that passion alive by not being consumed by it.

A thing to consider is that a lot of people in certain fields do not involve themselves in those fields for recreation. It is a good idea to be able to say something like "I expend so much effort in a professional manner with social media that I choose to use my down time doing _________.".
As an example, I know a tech professor who spends his free time doing outdoor activities to unwind. Years ago knew a psychology prof who did drywall as a side gig. It is something other than work.

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