I’m finally quitting my awful job tomorrow

So I started this job 11 months ago. 1 month in, the boss that hired me was fired. 1 month later, my new boss resigned. At this point, I was drowning in work and didn’t even learn what most of my job was let alone both bosses. At this point, I’m doing 3 jobs in order to keep my own projects running. They tell me they will be getting somebody to help at least once a week. So for months, I am fixing things, drowning in work, and going to sleep with panic attacks. At one point I asked for less work or more pay and they laughed at me. I’m a relatively new analyst so I don’t know what’s acceptable. In September, one of my clients complains a Tableau dashboard is broken and I find out our database admin left and it was not being maintained. They never said a word or handed off the job. So now I’m doing about 5 jobs, including managing myself and my projects. I cannot fucking breathe and every day I finally finish I lay in bed sweating, panicking, and crying.

Flash forward to Friday, I tell my boss I’m drowning in work and have no idea how to prioritize all these projects being dumped onto me. I’ve been saying I’m drowning in work for 9 months and this time he says, “I set up a 1 on 1 with my boss so we’re getting somebody soon”. At this point, I realize they never were getting anybody for the past 9 months and I was just being lied to so they could get me to keep the projects going myself.

I’m resigning tomorrow but of course, I have to lay in bed with panic attacks all Sunday. I’m miserable.


From a Recruiter's perspective, quit the job in your heart but not the job(just yet).
If you have any time off, take it now. Reason: It's always easier to land a new job with higher pay if you're already working.

I've suffered from an anxiety disorder for many years..and I've had a few jobs that definitely set it off, one in a similar situation. If I knew then what I know now I would have played it this way.

  1. Look me in the mirror and say " You no longer work for _______, they're a shit company that used you and now you're leaving them behind."

  2. Call in sick/use PTO/vacation time. Because I was literally getting sick over this job with panic attacks, it's not a lie to call in sick.

  3. Start the process of finding new work. The number 1 thing you can do is to work on your LinkedIn profile.

If you want any help as to the next steps or just need an ear to listen, please feel free to message me. If you can, stay on until You've got a new offer.

I also wish I had known about box breathing a lot sooner which is what I use now as my first line of dealing with a panic attack.

Hand on the stomach, breath all the way out. Hold for 4 "long" seconds, counting 1..2..3..4. Breath in counting 1..2..3..4 Hold for 1..2..3..4 Breath out for 1..2..3..4

Repeat this process for at least 2 minutes, it allows your body to get control of the stomach area, which has a lot of nerves constantly communicating with the brain. During a panic attack, the stomach can be yelling Run! even though no real threat is present.

People have known this connection between stomach and brain for a long time, It's only recently that they've discovered the actual science behind it. The old phrase "you don't have the guts for it" comes acknowledging this.

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