I graduated in May and have been on the job hunt for 3 months. I have sent out over a hundred resumes. Well, I found a company that does not have that bullshit hiring process and they just sent me an offer for 75k with a 3k sign-on bonus!

I know 75k is on the lower end but I cannot complain. It’s my first job and I’m super excited that I got the biggest hurdle out of the way.

I tried to negotiate to 80k but they couldn’t do that and instead offered me the 3k sign-on bonus.

It’s also fully remote!

I start on the 15th!


Finally? You find a job in 3 months after graduating with very decent compensation. This is genuinely impressive.

75k is pretty high actually depending on where you live.

That is higher than what I made as a new grad 3 years ago. Good on you for getting that little sign-on bonus too.

I think that was on the table for us back then but I didn't really know I could ask for one.

One of my colleagues in our hiring class said she got one, all she had to do was ask lol. Little lessons help us all in the long run.

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