I fucked up at work and now 3 years of hardwork is gone. What should I do ?

 TL:DR; I fucked up which is going to fuck my promotion big time

Back story, I work in a mid-large-sized IT firm. I have been working my ass off for the past 3 years to get my promotion which should have gotten me the best hike as I have very high visibility in my organization at all levels. Currently, a lead specialist, and I was expecting a promotion to architect position in the next quarter since the discussions went smoothly in the last appraisal.

Last month we encountered a production bug that was financially impactful for the client and our in house product which went under my supervision and although we made a fix immediately, minutes after it was first reported, we couldn’t get appropriate approvals and QA okay for a hotfix until the next 48 hours and the client suffered a loss. Now all the hard work is gone, clients bashed us like anything even when their QA missed the bug.

For the past month, my team has been lectured and the way it looks my promotion might/might not happen and this is killing me on a personal level. Now it has come to a point where people are indirectly trying to spoon-feed me/us with the basics. I understand my role and that I am responsible for my developers and they’re not impacted by this since their ratings are dependent on my feedback. But my ratings have taken a hit because of all this. I am getting anxious even when someone says the name of the client or our product even.

Should I stay or look for greener pastures? Moving out would mean that I lose credits for our in-house product which might become big in the future, but staying would mean I take a hit on my mental health every day. Or should I see a therapist?


Of course, you should leave. Interviewing and changing jobs is when you get a chance to tell your own story and write your own ticket. It’s almost always easier to get a “promotion” by changing jobs.

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