I Did It. I Finally Found A Dream Position. No Internship Experience And Mid-30's Something Guy. Thank you for the help everyone!


I feel this type of obligatory post for this subreddit, so here it is. A bit about myself, I returned to school for computer science in my 30's. I came from a healthcare background where I worked in the realm of physical therapy. I started school in 2018 and finished in 2021. Due to some circumstances, I could not get any internship experience, and I knew this was going to hinder me.

The process was tedious. There were 400 or so job applications. 200 LC questions, which I actually enjoyed and will continue to do them. I worked on three different side projects. I received plenty bunch of "We love your personality/enthusiasm, but we need someone with more experience." I eventually reached a point of stopping caring, or I was numb to the generic email rejection. When I achieved that mindset, things were much more freeing.

In the last few weeks, I casually entertained the hiring process with different companies and attended career fairs. In one career fair, I had some was quick banter with someone, and I was invited for an interview a few days later. After that, I offered myself an SRE position. I conditionally accepted it. They said it's fully remote, FT, full benefits, and unlimited PTO. There is room for me to move laterally and vertically.

They asked about my salary range, and I said I'd need to get back to them since I didn't research this topic much. After some research and discussion with other people in the field, I concluded on $80000 - $85000. They agreed.

A couple of days later, I got another call from a company that I interviewed with, and they offered me a $100000 full-stack role, but they have a hybrid working model. I asked them to give me a few days to decide.

With the help of this subreddit, with the notion, "It is okay to ask for more money. " I decided that I would ask for a small salary bump from the original company. I asked them for $92500, to which they agreed.

Yes, I know this isn't FANG money, but I don't care. The position is entirely remote, with good benefits and good PTO. Furthermore, with no internship experience, I'd be a bloody fool to say no. As well, I confirmed this is more of an SWE engineering role than, DevOps, so I'll be writing code, which I'm excited for

The silly thing about this whole interview process for this company. . .I wasn't asked a single LC question.



The major criteria for "success" in the software industry are self-motivation and self-learning.

It's a field where you put in the effort, it will show during interviews and you'll get good offers.

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