How to decline a job offer that I already said yes to?

 Today I went to a job interview and it went well up until they said the pay was $12/hr but on the application online it said $15/hr. The interviewer quickly went over the pay part and went on with the interview before I could say anything about it. I said yes to the job but later that day I got another job offer for a $500 bonus and the pay is actually $15/hr plus it’s much closer than the other job.

I don’t know what to say to them, I’m going to take the job closer to me if I pass the interview tomorrow but I don’t know how to decline the job I said yes to If I do take it.

(Also the job I said yes to said I start Monday so there’s that)


If you have not signed a contract...

Hi, I received another offer that is paying more and is in a better location for me. Thank you for considering me, however, I must now resign my initial acceptance.

You can also mention the pay that you are getting at the other location. It’s worth a shot to potentially negotiate a higher pay if the employer wants to keep you.

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