How long did it take you to get used to working a full time job?

 So I am 20(F) and I just graduated from college in May 2021. I was fortunate enough to secure a full-time job (fully remote) and started working in June 2021.

This job has nothing to do with my major but I will say that they trained me very well and I have become more confident with completing the projects/tasks. I will also say my colleagues, supervisors, and leadership are truly nice. The work environment has def made the transition a bit more manageable.

But, I am still struggling! I thought college stressed me out but this is a different level. Every day the thought of quitting comes to mind because I get so overwhelmed with all the work. The company size is smaller so we all wear diff hats which can be a lot. I thought from the job description that would be all that I would do, but I have had so many things added to my plate. But being as unqualified as I am with no experience and they still offered me the job, I feel like I have to prove myself. Many times I am working into the night (sometimes past midnight), skipping my lunch break, and working on weekends.

Now, I have worked part-time jobs while in high school and I worked a paid marketing internship while in college. But the most hours I’ve done a week is no more than 30, and it was never this demanding.

Also, I feel as though I kind of rushed into this lifestyle since I graduated from college 2 years early. I did dual enrollment in high school which I am grateful to have been able to do but also wish I could still be in schools like my friends and peers. It’s like I’m missing out and I just got shoved into adulthood prematurely.

Lately, I have been trying to determine whether I would like to go to graduate school to maybe give myself more time to just be a young college student. But I think about the debt I would obtain and also how I now have bills that I am now responsible for so I feel like I’m stuck here. This is why I’d like to know from others how long it took you to navigate and become accommodated in the “9-5pm lifestyle”?


That is not a 9-5 lifestyle when you routinely work that late. That’s ridiculous and they are taking advantage of you. You need to set boundaries and only commit to work you can actually do within your allocated hours. This is difficult and it’s even harder when you’re so young. It’s one thing to work extra in a legitimate emergency, just as a regular thing is not acceptable. My advice is to get to the end of the workday -the real end- and just leave. The work will still be there tomorrow.

It can take a few weeks to a few months, but my biggest suggestion (aside from all the other great comments) is to stop skipping lunches and stop working such late hours. You need to start setting boundaries with work now, especially while you're still new, or else the company will abuse your willingness to prove yourself.

I’d say 3-6 months but it is so much better when you make friends at work, have a space to have peace and quiet, etc.

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