How do people deal with remote work? Hardly knowing or ever talking to coworkers feels extremely isolating.


I started my first office job recently and we had to go remote for the past month. When I first got there, there was hardly anyone in the office because most either were full-time remote or on a rotational schedule.

This has resulted in me only knowing a few coworkers' names who I now never talk to. The only interaction I ever have is asking my boss a question. The rest just feels soul-crushing, answering emails all day with not even the slightest social interaction.

I miss the small interactions terribly. I once had a conversation with my bosses boss about logistics which is the career field I want to get in to but now I never get to have any sort of interaction that does not directly relate to work. Everything just feels deeply impersonal when every interaction is an email to a faceless email address.

I’m deeply worried that this is what the world is headed towards permanently. Everyone wants to just sit at home and clock in clock out without any face-to-face interaction.

I just feel so stuck doing daily tasks and I’m not going anywhere because of it. I’m just another email address that answers questions with no ambitions and no personality like a drone.

It’s the same job in the office but at least it feels like people know who I am.


What's your job? Maybe you could transition into a role that has more social interaction?

I normally have ongoing chats all day with people. Probably 8-10 of those, maybe a few zoom calls, and answering a couple dozen emails. I find that enough to balance 4-6 hours of work where I'm not talking to anyone.

There are researchers I work with who talk to people 75% of the day and programmers who talk to people 10% of the day. Maybe you could move into a customer-facing role for more social interaction?

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