Beware of Indeed. The scams on that site are abundant.

 I’ve applied to at least 10 jobs now that have turned out to be scams. These scammers are getting more sophisticated and disguising themselves as actual existing companies like; Arise, Comcast, State Farm, etc.

I even went through the whole interview process with who I thought was Arise where I had to speak with the recruiter and hiring manager. They even took a few days to get back to me after the interview just to make it look legit I guess. Then they told me I had to pay for all of my equipment(it was a remote role) including the organization’s software with a check that they’d mail to me. I was specifically told to deposit the check into an ATM and not inside the actual bank.


Blocked them immediately.


Did they have company emails? Did you apply through indeed or on their site? Comcast jobs posted on indeed all send you to the Comcast careers site to apply.

I would suggest only using sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter as search engines and then going to the company's website to apply.

I once responded to a job offer on indeed advertised as a game room attendant position. I go to this place for an interview with blacked-out windows in a run-down shopping mall, which turned out to be an illegal casino. I got the hell out of there. Was shocked an illegal business was actually on indeed.

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