Become a data scientist or just stick to my blue collar job?


Am I being too shortsighted?

I’m 22 and work a pretty “dead end” job, I do daily quality assurance checks in a warehouse for product damage. Although it is described as a dead end, the pay isn’t great, I love the job itself. I like the work, it’s not too hard but you have to be vigilant, I get a free freshly cooked meal every day at 3:20am, so I don’t have to spend time making food at home or buying food, and the colleagues I work with aren't bad, they are pretty old school kind of guys, (take this as you will)

But it wasn’t always like this, when I was 18 I left education and did IT support for a few years and made a lot of money, the job was resetting passwords all day whilst making a full-time salary a lot of people would dream of. I left because I didn’t like IT and wasn’t bothered about it.

But I do have the experience behind me and there’s an opportunity to do Data Analysis (something which I like to do, analyze data and make decisions based on this data). So I’m stuck at a crossroads, time is kind of running out for me to get a foot in a professional career but all the issues that come with it like socialising with colleagues from different more upper-class backgrounds (believe me I struggled with this in my IT Job), having to learn systems and doing a desk job doesn’t too appealing to me.

But I’m looking for advice from people who are older than me. I used to dismiss my dad's advice a lot before I realized how wrong I was, so any insight from anyone would be appreciated. Also if any of you work in data I would like to have your advice as well, I have a pretty bad math mind and need calculators to do equations in my head like 77+49

I live in London and my current salary will not buy me a house anytime in the future, I love my job and the people I work with are good but I also need to consider other views as well such as buying a house

Thank you


If you don't have a good math mind, you will struggle as a data scientist. I think you should explore career options more broadly. Perhaps work with a career counselor?

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