Are there any jobs for introverts that are paid well because they’re tedious, but not hard?


Hello everyone. I am someone who has no passions in life nor hobbies so I just need a job that would pay a liveable wage. I don't have any skills but I’ve always been good at doing monotonous things just out of discipline. For example, I was an honors student in hs because that only required constant preparation for tests and memorization and nothing else. I have lost faith in finding anything meaningful to do since then and am now looking to find a job, that:

  1. suits an introverted person - I have pretty good verbal skills but I hate socializing

  2. either does not require an education or is so life-drainingly meaningless in the grand scheme of things that all who pursue it agree it’s out of necessity, not passion

  3. does not require constant learning/improvement/dealing with unexpected circumstances

  4. pays at least a mediocre wage because nobody would otherwise agree to do something so tedious

If u have any ideas that would fit at least some of these then let me know!! 😃 I have considered accounting but that is a dying profession, right? And also quite competitive I imagine, so I probably wouldn't get hired anyway.


You can be a lab tech and spend all day pipetting small amounts of liquids from one container into another. It requires a high degree of organization and documentation, and people generally don't bother you too much because they don't want to mess you up. IMO this position should only require an AA or high school diploma, though I know some places will ask for a BS in biology or chemistry.

Accounting is neither a dying profession nor is it very competitive, lol.

Entry-level accounting is literally nothing but data entry, and even as you move up it's not much more. Avoid public accounting (which is for stuck-up pricks who just don't know better) and you'll be golden.

I've been in accounting for 10+ years and by far the biggest challenge at every job has been just surviving the soul-crushing monotony. It honestly sounds like exactly what you're asking for haha

It's also super lucrative, once you have even a little job experience recruiters will constantly just harass you to jump ship for giant raises.

I honestly struggled hard with even accounting101, but the job itself is just a bunch of common sense....common sense, and pivot tables. You're pretty much guaranteed 100k after a few years

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