Are customer service jobs hard? Would they be hard for someone with a learning disability/ physical disability?

 So I've never had a job before because I am disabled, I was born with a heart problem, but I want a job and I was thinking of getting a job online, but the only ones I seem to find are customer service jobs. Would it be hard for someone with a learning disability? Also what other online jobs are there that would be good for someone like me?


Depending on the boss, they'll either try their best to be accommodating or make you feel worse than before.

 The job itself is not hard and will become easier with time as you learn more about the business.

However, bosses and coworkers can be hard to deal with. People often treat what/who they don't understand with unfavorable actions, verbal or physical.

There are also customers who can be the same way.

Thankfully, the advice I can give you is to learn to ignore hateful people and always be nice/pleasant. It's difficult to treat someone poorly if you never show a different perspective than pleasant. If this scares you, maybe try to find a business that needs email correspondence support.

Most jobs are miserable. You have to be prepared that you will hate your working life and that your working life will be your only life. But if you can get past that and don't mind spending the next 60 years wondering what the point of life is and why must it be so bad, you'll do well in customer service.

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