Applying for jobs is one of the worst things ever

 Not only are you depressed because you need to find a job, but then you are supposed to tailor your resume for each application after signing up for some stupid website and then copy your entire resume into fields on that website, only to never hear anything back or maybe get an automated email saying that they have moved on to the next step and you weren't considered.

Repeat about 300 times before you get a single interview. At this point, your standards have dropped to the point where you are willing to take basically any job and end up in a toxic environment being treated like trash because you accepted a trash job. Then you have to put that trash job on your resume and start all over again.



I'm in that boat right now. I see signs that hire so you send your application only to never to hear from them again.

And then if you’re lucky you get Please Take These Assessments, Personality Tests, please complete your video interview within 72 hours, it’s all so impersonal and dehumanizing.

I got hired at a good company though, after a 7-month struggle the find a job grind. It’s hell for sure. Just saying you will find a job, you can do this. I’m old and out of touch but it finally happened. You are likely younger and smarter than me. You got this just don’t give up!

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