An executive director just told the whole department that we are replaceable

 I am currently a software developer for a US-based financial company.

Just had a department meeting where the director for my department said that despite the holidays coming up, we must still ensure coverage throughout December, which is understandable as production issues can occur. But then he says, and I quote:

"We work for the company, the company does not work for us. Everyone can be replaced. Keep this in mind when planning out vacations. We must all work hard and make sacrifices to be worthy of [company name]. But take your vacations as they will not be paid out or rollover next year"

I don't know why he even had to bring up the fact that we are dispensable, just leave it at "make sure you are covered".

I get that we are all replaceable in some way, but never thought I would hear it so directly. I have already been casually looking around for new opportunities and this is motivating me to look harder.

Is this a red flag? None of my coworkers said anything after the meeting, and during the meeting call (about 100 people) no one said anything or reacted. I may be overreacting but this just rubbed me the wrong way.


Yeah, that's absolutely ridiculous. Both statements are really, but that one? "Worthy of XYZ company?" This is a two-way street. The company has to be worthy of the employee just as much as they are worthy of the company. It should be mutually beneficial.

To make sacrifices should mean the company will do the same in the future. But will they? Sure doesn't sound like it.

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