7 Interesting Startups helping Remote Workers

 I am personally working from home for the last 5 years. Thus, the pandemic does not change much for me, except for no travel at all. There are millions of individuals who have been affected by the pandemic, which has pushed remote working to its maximum level. In the United States alone, 36.2 million executives will be working remotely by 2025, according to Upwork (December 2020).

Many experts believe that working from home will become more common in the future. A hybrid working approach has already been approved by the majority of businesses. 70% of companies plan to implement the hybrid approach, according to Mercer’s report (May 2021).

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However, the topic of this article is to share some interesting startups which can make remote working or the life of remote workers easier. Here is the list of 7 startups:

  1. Gather Town (www.gather.town)

Gather is a video chat platform, designed to make virtual interactions more human. Interestingly, the Gather platform allows the user to create custom 2D virtual spaces to organize various events like conferences, networking events, social events, virtual offices. The company is founded in 2020 but has already raised more than $75 million at a $700 million post-money valuation. As the metaverse world is gaining popularity, Gather can be a game-changer in a metaverse environment.

2. Oasis (www.theoasis.com)

Oasis is a synthetic video chat mobile app where you talk through an AI-generated avatar that looks like a real person & mirrors everything you do in real-time. Simply, it is a video chat that talks through an AI-generated avatar, instead of showing the real video. The company is using deep fake technology to generate real-time visuals. The company has raised $7 million in seed funding so far and is in the early stage of product-market fit.

3. Lano (www.lano.io)

Organizations are facing the big challenge of sourcing, hiring, and managing the global workforce. Lano is a Berlin-based early-stage startup that is helping organizations to manage both compliance and make payments instantly in any one of 50 currencies globally. The company is founded in 2018 and already helping 500 businesses to make payments to their employees in 150+ countries. The company has raised only a small seed round to date.

4. Make My Move (www.makemymove.com)

Remote workers are looking to move outside the big town and work in smaller cities to enjoy better life quality. On the other hand, the smaller cities are looking to attract new remote workers to increase the tax base and increase population size. What will you do if the city offers you both financial and non-financial incentives to move? The startup has built a platform that allows cities to showcase these incentives. Further, it facilitates the connection between both stakeholders.

5. CoScreen (www.coscreen.co)

As executives are working from various remote locations, it becomes challenging to collaborate. CoScreen is a screen-sharing software designed to facilitate remote collaboration. The company’s software turns the secondary display into a joint team desktop and provides each user their own mouse pointer while keeping the primary desktop private, enabling multiple team members to share their application windows with each other simultaneously and to interact with them as if they were their own. The company launched its product in March 2021 and raised $4.6 million in funding.

6. FocusMate (www.focusmate.com)

One of the most difficult aspects of working from home is maintaining productivity. People who work remotely miss the support of their coworkers who assist them complete their tasks. Focusmate virtual coworking platform offers a virtual coworking model that pairs one with an accountability partner for a live, virtual coworking session that will keep himself/herself focused on work with the self-discipline by using the power of psychology, technology, and the human spirit. Founders are currently seeking product-market fit after raising a small seed investment in 2020.

7. WorkFrom (www.workfrom.co)

WorkFrom is a virtual workspace designed for individuals and groups who work online all day. The platform has crowdsourced the world’s best cafes, coffee shops, and coworking spaces. The user can create its own space and choose a combination of ambient background noise, music, video, and scenery to produce a sense of ambiance and proximity with others in the same virtual space. The startup was part of Google and Techstar accelerator and has not raised any external funding yet.

I can promise you will love them. My favorite is Gather Town, which one is yours

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