5 Very Insensitive Things You’re Doing to Remote Colleagues


Working with remote teams can cause a lot of unpleasant confusions and misunderstandings when cultures collide. Sometimes a simple phrase or a basic question can be misinterpreted as an insult.

Assume their location based on their accent

Globalization is here to stay and people move from place to place.

Refer to them by a single aspect

When talking about a colleague or TO a colleague, do not refer to them by the place they were born or any other very particular characteristic.

Ignore them because you can’t understand their accent

When talking with others with a different accent and trying to communicate through a single language not everyone is going to do it with the same skill level.

Use a language you know they don’t understand in a group meeting as part of the main conversation

Imagine this: you’re in a group meeting with people from Russia, Spain, Uruguay, the USA, and someone from China. And while you’re all having a discussion you, coming from Spain, switch to Spanish, and continue the discussion with your colleague from Uruguay. The rest of the group suddenly fall silent and yours are the only 2 voices heard.

Setup meetings without taking into account their timezone

We all hate meetings, but they’re a necessary evil. We need them to coordinate with others, and especially so when we’re not next to each other.

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