5 Free Certificates You Can Use to Spice up Your Resume.


Hey everyone, if you have experience but think you're lacking in other areas such as education or training, you can do FEMA Independent Study Courses. They are very easy to do and they look good on a resume. The certificates are automatically sent to your email so you can download them whenever.

IS-235.C: Emergency Planning


Demonstrates that you have some training in working under pressure. Pretty good to have if you are going for a management position. Could also be good if you are working in a high-stress area such as security.

IS-240.C: Leadership and Influence


The perfect certificate to demonstrate management skills. Leadership is the number one quality they look for.

IS-241.C: Decision Making and Problem Solving


Self-explanatory, jobs love employees that can solve problems.

IS-242.C: Effective Communication


Another self-explanatory, jobs love it when you can communicate properly.

IS-244.B: Developing and Managing Volunteers


Best certificate for joining nonprofits that I can think of.


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