1 week in new job but got a more attractive offer. How to quit?

 Basically what the post says. I’m one week into my new job, still in the training phase, but I received an offer from another place I’ve been interviewing.

The new offer is very attractive with a good long-term career prospect, being mentored directly by a corporate VP. How should I go about quitting my new job without burning as many bridges?


Burning the bridge is probably going to happen no matter what. The best you can hope for is to minimize collateral damage. Most companies completely write off employees who give two-week notices in the best of circumstances. It's best to have everything that is 'yours' already out of the company building before you turn in your 2-week notice. Often companies will have you escorted directly out.

For one thing, be the kind of person everyone will miss. You want your coworkers to wonder what the company did to make you leave and not be thankful they finally got rid of you. Your current coworkers may or may not be your coworkers again or your subordinates, or even a future boss. This is the advice Gunny gave me in the Marines and it transferred over very well to the private sector.

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