Will I get fired for getting sick on my first day and having a doctor's note to excuse me the next two days?

I started my new job yesterday. I went in feeling great and happy to start. Then it all came on at once. I started vomiting, having body aches, headaches, slight dizziness. I was able to work until the last hour of my shift. My supervisor heard me vomiting (her office is beside the bathroom.) She told me to go home. I told her I think I should get tested for COVID-19.

My test results came back negative. The doctor wrote me out for 2 days.

This is my first real career and I really liked it the one day I worked. Can I get fired for this even if I sent her the doctor's note?


I think you are probably ok especially since you were heard vomiting. First day at my most recent job I got the stomach flu. Haven’t had it in 20 years but my body decided that was the right day. It’s a pain in the ass to hire people so they aren’t going to fire you over something legit like that.

Unless they’re assholes, no. You should be good. Highly unlikely you’re gonna get in trouble for being sick. Matter of fact, with what’s going on, they would be happier if you went home

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