When are jobs going to start paying more?

 Retail is paying like $15 per hour to run a cash register.

McDonald's pays $15-$20 per hour to flip burgers.

College graduates? You get paid $20 per hour if you are lucky and also pay student loans.

Starbucks is going to be paying baristas $15-$23 per hour.

Did I make the wrong choice...or did I make the wrong choice? I'm diving deep into student loan debt to earn a degree and I am literally making the same wages as someone flipping burgers or making coffee! Don't get me wrong - I like to make coffee. I can make a mean latte, and I am not a bad fry cook either.

When are other businesses that are NON-RETAIL going to pick up this wage increase? How many people are going to walk out the door from their careers and go work at McDonald's to get a pay raise? Do you think this is just temporary or is this really going to be the norm now?


Well that's your problem right there.

Nobody wants to admit it, but colleges have been shitting out IT grads since 2005. Just non-freaking-stop. Little dinky colleges who were mostly set up for business or civic degrees bent over backward to create umpteen different IT- and CS-related degrees.

Why do you think basically every single predatory for-profit school between the late '00s and mid 10's was an IT school?

And most of today's IT grads are just stupid. They work 60-hour workweeks, make themselves available 24-7, get 4 hours of sleep a day, have no family life, accept fewer benefits, and take lower wages because unless you're getting into a security position with a good company or a management position, you're just a rat hoping to outrun all the other rats to the next available open job.

I don’t know what your degree in IT is but a few years back, I was fresh out of college with an AAS in programming. I got a job writing automation test scripts making $22 per hour. Moved around and up to $25 an hour. Was super lazy about looking around but in this job market, I started looking and had people busting down my door with offers. Brought it to my bosses attention that I’m way underpaid for my title and he gave me a raise to $31/hr and I’m still underpaid technically for my title and I could leave but I’m comfortable at the moment and it gives me time to brush up and learn some additional skills so the next time when I do switch jobs, I’m going to be targeting at least $45 an hour annually.

In the short term, does college sound like a bad deal because you could be making a little less without a degree? Sure, but there is literally no future growth unless you’re lucky.

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