What exactly does "Tailoring your resume to match the job description" mean? To me it sounds like it means "Lie about/overexaggerate your skills".


I never understood this advice, I'm sure it is good advice but I am trying to wrap my head around it. In the past, I always made one resume that accurately depicted my past experience and skills and sent it to various employers. From what I understand this is not advised and I should edit my resume for each individual job I apply to. But what exactly does that mean? If a job is asking for experience in a specific technology that I don't have, so I just lie about it? I work in IT support and I am trying to move on from my entry-level role into something more mid-level. I usually don't meet the skills requirement because I haven't had any exposer to that technology in my current and past roles.


Tailoring your CV means bringing the most relevant parts of your experience to the forefront.

Because most people have such a broad range of responsibilities throughout their careers, all of it isn't always relevant to every job you apply to.

As a professional recruiter, when I review CV's I want to basically quickly see how much of a match the profile is to the JD.

If you don't have specific experience in tech, don't put it.

Tailoring your CV usually means just amending a few of the bullet points. So they align better with the JD.

Sometimes just changing the order of your bullet points is effective.

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