Top tips to make your CV stand out


First things first - formatting

At the top of your CV, you’ll need to include your name, address, and contact details – including your phone number and email address. There’s no need to have the words ‘Curriculum Vitae’ here – instead, save the space for telling us all the great stuff about you. Make sure you use a clear and professional typeface throughout your CV. Our top tip? Use bullet points when listing your experience, it makes it far easier – and more enjoyable - to read.

Putting together your personal profile

Your CV needs personality. So, what makes you interesting? Your hobbies and interests will help bring your CV to life. Focus on those that show responsibility, teamwork, dedication, and achievement. Try and avoid buzzwords and non-specific terminology in your profile. We really want to see what you’re passionate about outside of work. Remember - if you talk about your passions on your CV, then be prepared to talk passionately about them at the interview!

Showing off your skills

What’s your unique selling point (USP)? We want to know what makes you stand out from other applicants. So, make sure you sell yourself and your achievements. And if you’ve got valuable language or programs skills then don’t forget to tell us – we love this kind of thing!

Tell us about your experience

List your previous employment with the latest job first and then work backward. Include exact dates, your job title, and correct company names. Please also tell us about your education and qualifications. Make sure you highlight any that are particularly relevant for the role you are applying for.


Spelling mistakes don’t make a good impression. So check, check and check again before you send us your CV.

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