Should I tell my manager that my corporate laptop was stolen?

 About two months ago, I started a job at a manufacturing company and I was given a laptop to take home and use in the office. I was told to never leave the laptop at work, so I would take it home with me, even though I'm hourly. This is also the first job that has ever given me a laptop to take home. Well anyway, I found out today that the laptop was stolen from the trunk of my car last night. My manager is thousands of miles away in another state. I am kinda freaking out because I just recently got this job and because I am still within the 90 day period, I am afraid that I will be fired and if I do that, it could be weeks or even months until I get a new job and I also just got a new apartment as well. Since my manager is not onsite, I figured out that I am still able to do everything on the desktop in the office and my cell phone that luckily was not in my car at the time of the robbery. What should I do? Should I still go ahead and report this and take my chances? I am really freaking out about this because I do not want to lose my job and this is the first time that this has ever happened to me.

I know this is unethical and I might have to report it at some point, but I think it is easier to swallow someone with say 10 months of experience(just throwing a random number out there) having a laptop stolen than someone with 2 months. I also really need the money and cannot afford to lose this job.


Has someone who has been working HR and now IT, report it (so long as you know you didn’t leave it at work). This way they can brick it remotely.

Honestly, even with a new hire, I couldn’t be mad at them for having something stolen. Hell, I’ve accidentally left my laptop in my car on more than one occasion. Shit happens, man! If they’re a decent size company they’ll have budgeted for this kind of stuff. I guarantee you other employees have spilled drinks, dropped, or bricked their laptops before. It will be a learning experience. It will mean FAR more that you show integrity by bringing it up ASAP for the company’s best interests than trying to save your own butt (you won’t, they’ll find out, and you’ll be way worse off).

Just be honest: “hey I think my work-issued laptop may have been stolen. Still getting used to having a laptop I can take home and accidentally left it in the trunk of my car, and it wasn’t there in the morning. I wanted to notify you ASAP so that we can do damage control if it needs to be disabled remotely, etc. truly sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know what else I need to do to rectify the situation.”

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