My manager counter offered when putting in my 2 weeks notice

I need help deciding and any input is appreciated.

I was going to leave my company and take an offer elsewhere. The new company offered a substantial more pay and I'd be close to a title change. More importantly, it's a new team and seems like it has a great WLB. I'm not having a great time in my current team and feel like I'm not learning much(I know it's mostly on me to learn more but lately there hasn't been time because of bad WLB). Thought this was a great chance to start new with better pay and projects to work on

I didn't expect my manager to counteroffer because the compensation was substantially more than what I currently make (almost twice). I did ask for promotion earlier this year but was asked to work for it more, which is understandable. I thought I was entitled to one after my progress so far ( My current manager has only been with me for a little over a year so he didn't see my first year and a half and the growth I've made since I've joined), but it was my fault for not asking for it sooner. It feels strange I'm being offered a big promotion because I want to leave all of a sudden. Not sure if this is a red flag either. If I was such a valuable asset why wouldn't they have just promoted me earlier? To add* My manager would also move me internally so I can work with a different team as part of this promotion. If I wasn't moved to a different team I wouldn't be considering this counter offer.

I do feel a little bad about leaving. We did have two members leave this year. One was moved internally in the company. There's been a lot of issues lately with our services causing a lot of working overnight and on weekends. We also couldn't find good candidates to hire. My manager sounded desperate to keep me. I thought he would have been ok with me leaving honestly, but now I have to make a decision within 12 hours before my offer letter expires*.

People have told me

  • Not to chase titles or money. Pay will max out pretty early on in my career anyways and titles can always be worked for -The counter offer was more or less matching them. (One has stocks so total comp is technically more but my current company is private so it's mainly just salary).

  • An internal move with a new team and new projects may* be just as good as a learning opportunity with less stress as moving to a new company. -The new title and base salary boost will help me in the future for other offers. -New company would force me to learn new things and experience different cultures I can always come back to my current company -America's tech culture encourages people to have a variety of experiences from different companies and not stay with a company for a long period of time. -public companies have more encouragement to grow and expand where private companies stagnate a bit

I have faith in both company's future, one is in a new market space and one has a monopoly in theirs.

Rn, what's important to me is better WLB and better learning opportunities and I don't know if I can find that at my current company or a new company.


If you stay, you may be on a different team, but you’ll still have the same manager who was a dick in the past. He’s just trying to stem the loss of veteran talent and avoid the currently difficult task of hiring a replacement.

Is it possible to find out what the other team would be before accepting? Can you talk to people there to see if things are better per your standards? Does that other team even know they would be taking you in? If there isn't space, you could end up miserable there, or worse, stuck on your current team waiting for space somewhere else to open up.

Rarely is a counteroffer to stay the good choice. Since they just offered you more money to stay, you're going to be out of luck for future raises without switching work anyway. It also means that even if you are promoted you probably wouldn't see a raise either, because they need to keep salaries within level bands.

This sub has a tendency to say just leave at every turn, but most likely the reasons that you went looking for a new job in the first place will still be there, even if you move to a different team.

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