My job catfished me so I’m leaving - who pays to post work things back?

 I got hired to be a marketing associate, they’ve never had anyone in marketing before so it seemed like a huge task but I was excited to create a marketing plan and get started. They said I would have to respond to the occasional email but that’s fine.

Turns out, I haven’t done any marketing. I’m constantly being a customer service person and treated like a personal assistant being made to run errands like post things out and check things for the manager that she could easily do.

I’m about to hand my resignation in after two weeks already after having her call me up to five times a day (remote working) to ask for PA kind of things. This really sucks so I’m hoping I can find a new job soon.

One thing I need help with has she sent me a laptop, phone, huge printer, and LOADS of boxes of things to post to customers (not my job description by far) who pays to return it? It’s going to cost like £40+ due to the weights of it all to post back and it doesn’t seem fair for me to have to as I didn’t expect to be doing errands like that

Edit: thank you everyone for the advice, I’ll use your suggestions! I’ll leave this post up in case anyone else ever needs to know.


Before quitting I would consider if it's still a company you would want to work for. If it is, have a discussion with your manager - ask them for a meeting, and be up front and honest.

Tell them that you were hired on as a marketing associate, and you feel your current job doesn't meet that description. That you would like a clear outline of what your job expectations are, and how they should be met.

If you don't like the answer, resign.

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