My Company is giving out my personal info including social. How can I make them stop giving it out?

 Posted on legal advice but got nothing. I live in TX but work remotely for a company in New Jersey. They are a contracting company that contracts software engineers out for remote jobs. They are applying me to new contracts and they have been filling out things with my social security number in it, giving my license and other personal information which is given at hire, but before I have even interviewed and giving this out like candy. How can I get them to stop doing this? My identity has been stolen before and they are just giving this out before even doing interviews with these companies, To make it worse they are even giving it to third-party recruiters, which is just nuts to me, especially when I was supposed to be passed between clients as needed. When I gave that information it was for my onboarding process with them like you would any other employer and was just for that purpose never once did they mention just giving it out. The contracted companies are not even the ones who pay me, they are. What can I do to make them stop, I told them to stop but I think they will just keep doing it.


Have you asked them to stop? It may be helpful to say that your identity has been stolen in the past. (Edit, sorry just saw you have told them)

They may almost certainly be violating the New Jersey Identity Theft Prevention Act:

No person, including any public or private entity, shall:

(4) Intentionally communicate or otherwise make available to the general public an individual's Social Security number;

If there are any monetary damages as a result, you could easily sue your employer.

Edit; See that you have told them. I'd get a lawyer tbh. They are willfully violating the law and putting you at the potential for identity theft.

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