My company is giving me a $10,000 pay cut. How should I handle this?

 So I was hired at this company as a recruiter. Work ended up slowing down and so they shuffled us to other projects and departments. I and a few others were placed in a newly created dept. handling federal background checks for a government agency. They were trying to hash out the pay structure for a while. We were previously told that if the pay structure was lower than what we were making we would be moved to other departments.

My manager and supervisor called me for a meeting today to let me know they cutting my pay from $24.04 to $19/hr. I asked them if it was a possibility for me to move to another dept. I also mentioned that I was under the impression that we would be moved if our salaries would be impacted. So my manager said that he would look into it and won't have me sign an offer letter yet. On top of it they're having us come back to the office on a flex schedule one week out of the month and were asked to come on Tuesday.

Suffice to say that I am not pleased. I had plans to get an apartment on my own now that I could finally afford one and this will price me out of most places. Rents in Central FL are ridiculous.

I'm considering looking for other jobs unless I find another position in the company. I did a quick job search today but the salaries are other companies are around the same. It's so frustrating.

How should I handle this?


Maybe this is the time to negotiate for other benefits: fewer work hours for the same weekly/monthly salary.

You're technically getting the payout, but you're also getting paid the same rate as before. Then, use that free time for other things. Alternatively, negotiate for more paid vacation days. If you're taking less pay, but again, working fewer hours, you're getting the same pay rate as before. Also, you're obliging their needs to cut costs. Furthermore, if things have slowed down, then there's less need for you to work as many hours. Just don't express that last part, because they'll likely can you entirely.

Another thing worth negotiating is working from home and conducting interviews in coffee shops at their expense; I.e. if you order a coffee for yourself and the prospective employee but the company pays, you're saving money on fuel and food. Furthermore, they get tax-write-offs for company staff. Lastly, it's excellent PR for the company. Imagine telling short-listed candidates they're getting a free lunch?

There are ways to take the pay cut but minimize your losses, so the pay cut goes from $40/day to $10/day, but you gain hours of time.

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