Lost Job Offer due to Bad Reference


After finishing up my third interview with a dream company, they told me they would put together my job offer after contacting my references, and that one of those references needs to be a former manager. I sat down with my current manager and told her what a wonderful leader she's been, and that I would be honored to use her as a reference and she said "of course!" As a side note, she is a bit moody and self-absorbed, in fact, she's the reason I began job hunting. Today I received a call from the 'dream company' saying that my manager left bad feedback during the reference check, therefore they were going with another candidate. I am so sick to my stomach. I bit my tongue so much with this manager, I left her positive reviews during my exit interview, we left on good terms... and yet she couldn't even have the decency to throw me a bone. Should I leave it alone, or let HR know that she cost me a job? Any advice?


Some may consider this unethical, but, whatever... If this situation arises again, use friends/coworkers who you know will give you a good reference, no matter what. Do they need to be a manager? Well, let your friend/coworker know that they were your manager. The hiring company isn't going to do a deep dive on whether this person was actually a manager. I've acted as a manager for a few different people during reference checks and they were all hired :)

Always use a friend as a reference even if they ask for a current manager/co-worker. The moment your manager knows you are leaving they will crap on you like bird poop splat. Doesn't matter how close you both are. I have had my CFO do that to me but I still got the job. Bugger had his little one do playdates with mine. Yet he still pooped the moment he got a reference check.

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