Is 28 years too late to start a career?

 I probably will finish my degree at this age.... do you think it's too late for me to start a career? I want to work with HR but this is really making me anxious...



You are never too old. PERIOD!

If you are able to change anything in your life, go for it! Regrets suck bro! Just go for what you want full force and embody that person you desire to be and see where it takes you! 🙂

I understand what you’re going through though. I’m 25 yo rn, and when I was 23 after getting my BS in Biochemistry and interning for a lab, I realized that I wasn’t as passionate as I thought I was in my major. I thought I wasted 5 years of my life getting my BS. It turns out being in that damn lab was where I found my interest in incorporating programming in biomedical questions. Now I’m applying to CS and Bioinformatics programs for grad school. This was definitely not what I expected to be pursuing at the start of my undergrad. I thought I’d be in pharmacy school Or continuing to study biochem for grad school.

Whatever changes you go through whether you stop loving something or start liking something more….think of that as you grow and you learn about yourself more. That’s all to it! Hope that alleviates some stress/anxiety and welcome you to be open to changes such as starting a career!!

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