I took a very bad decision by lying about my degree. Now they're asking me for the diploma which is under a different degree. What should I do? any suggestions please?

 I have a degree in business administration emphasis on Management Information systems. I do software development and I'm successful in my career.

Now here's what happened, someone recommended me to a globally known organization to work under a well-paid contractual job and I agreed. Their team interviewed me and they accepted me, and they never cared about the degree. When I sent them the CV, I don't know why (my first time ever to change the degree), I entered Computer Science instead. Here's where shit hit the fan, HR emailed me later asking me to send them a few papers and my diploma.

HELP! am I fucked? I can either tell them the truth that my degree is in X not in Y but probably getting rejected for lying. Or I can fake my diploma and change it but bear the consequences of lying and potentially getting fucked if they decide to call the University and verify (not sure if they do this).

This taught me a lot today, never again will I do this. I simply never made use of the diploma and I never sent it ever after 9 years in this domain, until today.

EDIT: yes I was panicking. I will just send them what I have and explain to them the situation if they ever ask me.


Education checks as a part of background checks aren't uncommon, so fabricating your transcripts to show a different degree is a bad idea.

And from a practical perspective, you can't just change the degree conferred. The classes you took wouldn't make a lot of sense in the context of a pure CS degree.

I'd just send the transcripts undoctored and hope they either don't care or follow up and give you the chance to explain yourself.

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