I started getting bad performance reviews right after I reported missing wages and benefit payouts?

 So for the last few months, I have been thinking I was crazy bc my performance has been fine the last year and a half I’ve been with this company. Then a couple months ago, I noticed on THE DAY BEFORE my tuition waiver application was due that my school’s accounting office didn’t receive it and I had to jump through some miraculous hoops to get it in on time. Our admin assistant claims she gave the signed waiver back to me and told me to give it to HR. That never happened. It made me feel crazy and like my memory was slipping. I’m organized but I didn’t have a returned waiver anywhere in my files.

Then a couple weeks later, we work some overtime and I had to miss one day for sick leave of the 2 total weeks we worked overtime. I came in the next day and my boss told me not to report the overtime I would be working that day. She changed her tune and suddenly didn’t remember her saying that to me after I brought her a printout of the company policy on reporting overtime worked. I of course reported my overtime.

Well that pay period, I didn’t get paid my overtime. At all. None of it. So I emailed payroll and asked when I would get it, to which they furnished me a vague pay schedule basically telling me I’ll get it next month.

Exhausted from working multiple weeks overtime, I took a four-day approved vacation during which my boss sent me a couple scathing emails basically asking if I really did my work and told me I needed to respond to her emails quicker. I had to call out sick the Tuesday I was set to come back bc I really was sick and she asked me if I really needed to miss the full day, even though company policy clearly states not to come in if you’re sick at any way due to covid precautions. I even had a doctor's note.

All of that aside, I come in after my vacation, after reporting missing overtime pay, and them almost making me miss my tuition waiver deadline, and notice my boss being super passive-aggressive. Way more than usual. So to blow off some steam and get myself organized, I cleared up my office. She noticed I cleared up my office and I guess she didn’t like it.

Then I got a write-up. For 4 mistakes I’d made on a report. I admit, I botched a report, but it just felt like they jumped the gun so much. I’ve been a loyal employee for almost 2 years but this one report was the straw that broke the camel's back? It didn’t add up.

Now the dots are starting to connect. I think they wrote me up bc I started noticing they didn’t want to pay overtime or payout for my benefits. Am I crazy for making this connection??? She’s been making me feel so incompetent lately by repeating things that I say I don’t remember, and they’re very little details. But I complete all my work on time and otherwise hardly make mistakes. Why now are they taking issue?

Now I notice on my check for last month, when I was supposed to get my overtime, that they used my vacation time to offset some of my overtime making the payout less and using more of my vacation leave than I actually used. I’m pissed but this timely realization makes me feel scared to bring it up or contact HR again. Is this something any of you have experienced? What am I supposed to do here?


  1. You are not crazy; your company is trying to short you money.

  2. Absolutely bring up the missing pay, and mention to them that the government takes very seriously any reports of non-payment of owed salary. As in, they could go to jail. No joke.

  3. Start looking for a new job yesterday.

  4. The only reason a company consistently shorts pay like this is if they are in financial trouble. You need to get out not only because your boss now has it in for you but also because this company may go out of business shortly. Run.

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