I quit my job this morning. Feeling exhausted


I'm a postgraduate student. I was hired a month ago as an assistant at a nearby family-owned pharmacy. My boss was pretty stern but I found him fair. The training was great, the staff was all older but very nice.

Here was the first red flag: He referred to my 2-week training as a "trial period". Little did I know he meant he wasn't going to pay me for those 40 hours of work. That is illegal in my province.

Red flag #2: My contract stated that if I quit, I would be prohibited from working at any pharmacy within a 5km radius of his business for the next 5 years. That is unenforceable and frankly weird considering it's a near-minimum wage job.

Red flag #3: the girl I replaced warned me that the pharmacist could be "intense". Especially when I'd be working alone with him on the weekends.

Now last week, he completely lost it at me multiple times. Once while I was on the phone with a patient. Another time because I started putting a shipment away before filling prescriptions. He waved his finger in my face and kept yelling "come here. Come right here", "what did I just tell you", and "don't you tell me how to do my job" (I hadn't even said anything back to him). Every time he yelled at me, I happened to be alone with him in the pharmacy (ie. On the weekend, or the other older staff member had stepped out for lunch/washroom break)

I went from looking forward to going to work to absolutely dreading it.

Today, I quit. I gave my letter of resignation which outlined how he was in violation of labor laws. I told him if that if he didn't pay me for the time that I worked, I would file a claim against him. I made note of the days he yelled at me, and how it was unacceptable behavior.

I'm absolutely exhausted. Anyways, if you guys have any stories about quitting I'd love to hear them.

TLDR: quit my job as a pharmacy assistant because my boss didn't pay me for my training (40h) and would yell at me.

UPDATE: First of all, I am so touched and grateful for all of your support, personal experiences, and advice. It quelled any doubts of mine regarding whether or not I overreacted or if did the right thing. Thank you, truly.

Onto a follow-up to this story: I received a call from my boss asking me to provide all my hours worked so he can send me a cheque (even though I put all that information in my letter of resignation). It was weird. I'm still considering filing a claim. We'll see. I have a job interview Thursday. Looking forward to moving past this.


Congratulations!!!! It takes so much courage and personal belief and conviction to be able to walk away. Be proud! You're a strong person and that will only help going forward. I know how it can feel like being trapped in a certain job where quitting seems impossible and the weight is crushing daily. You should celebrate :)

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